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Halong Bay weather in November

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Halong Bay weather in November, what to expect?

Halong Bay weather in November often witnesses a marked change in weather pattern. In early November, tourists can still enjoy the cool autumn breeze with bright sun. The rest of the month, however, may see a switch to colder wind blow. The monsoons may occur with the increasing frequency and humidity drops significantly.

Temperature in Halong Bay: Averages of 22 Celsius degree (October is the warmest at 25, and December the coolest at 19).

Rainfall: Halong Bay weather coming out of the stormy summer months, Autumn generally brings a break in the clouds. However, it seems like to start being drier with an average of 29.7 mm of rainfall.

Sunlight: A seasonal average of 7.7 hours of direct sunlight each day. Humidity: Humidity levels drop significantly as we move away from summer and shift into winter mode, with averages around 75%.




The lowest temperature




The highest temperature









halong bay weather in november

Halong Bay weather in November, what to bring ?

Halong Bay weather in November is the transferring time between autumn and winter, therefore, you are advised to bring some light winter clothes such as cardigan or silk scarf just in case you are caught in the wind. For mild weather days, you can still enjoy all water based activities such as swimming, kayaking in halong bay, hiking up to the top of view point or scuba diving. Squid fishing in Halong Bay runs from April until December. At the beginning of the season the squid will be smaller, so the biggest catches usually come between September and December. If you go on a tour to Halong Bay during this time of year, you’ll have the chance to get in one of the squid fishing workshops offered by many of the Halong Bay cruises. Check halong bay weather forecast if you want to go book a halong bay overnight cruise in this time of the year or drop us a message, the tour adviser from Cozy Vietnam Travel with contact you shortly!

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