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Halong Bay weather in March

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Halong Bay weather in March, what’s it like ?

Halong Bay weather in March, cozy bay cruise, cozy vietnam travel

Halong Bay is best seen in March, many tourists claim, attributing it to the warm fresh air. Halong Bay weather in March, the temperature fluctuates from 180 – 340C for the first half of the month while  from mid March onward, the weather will be warmer and has more sunny days. The lowest and the highest temperature at this period are 210C and 340C respectively. The climate gradually becomes cooler and more pleasant in the last days of the month. Nonetheless, the northeast monsoons may occasionally appear. The average humidity in March is around 75%. The average rainfall is 255mm.




The lowest temperature




The highest temperature









Halong Bay weather in March sees a gradual increase in temperatures compared to the winter months, from 19 to around 22 degrees Celsius. However, as the number of rainy days begins to increase, humidity levels will also rise slightly. There are usually 6 hours of sunlight, especially from noon time, which is perfect for enjoying a Halong bay cruise overnight, kayaking or mountain hiking…

Halong Bay weather in March: Peace, quiet but a little bit cold and hazy.

If you like peace and quiet, then March is an ideal time to cruise Halong Bay. Usually Halong Bay weather in March, skies can be hazy in the mornings over this UNESCO World Heritage Site, giving the seascape a forbidding vibe.
March is also low season which means you likely will not have to share Halong bay overnight cruise with as many tourists as during other parts of the year. While the cool temperatures in March may be too cold for water activities, there is still a lot of things to do in Halong Bay. Book a tour to halong bay and join the local people’s traditional festivals.

Travelling to Halong Bay in March, things to do.

One of the most interesting is the Cherry Blossom Festival, timed over just a few days when the flowers are in bloom.
Visitors should aim to visit Halong Square from March 17-21 to witness this exciting festival. There are a variety of flowers from different countries on display which only bloom during the lunar new year, such as cherry blossoms and golden apricot blossoms.
In the evening, there are often musical and cultural performances from Japanese and Vietnamese artists to enjoy.

Travel tips for tour to halong bay in March

March is the month of festivals. After Tet Holiday, there are many cultural and spiritual festivals held. If you are traveling to Halong Bay at this time, you should consider taking a side trip to Yen Tu Religious complex or Yen Duc village. (Yen Tu Festival is often held from 10th January to the last day of March of the lunar calendar, or from March to mid May in Gregorian calendar). Check halong bay weather forecast if you want to go book a halong bay overnight cruise in this time of the year or drop us a message, the tour adviser from Cozy Vietnam Travel with contact you shortly!


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