halong bay weather in july 2019

Halong Bay weather in July

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Similar to June, Halong Bay weather in July is still a typical sweltering month in summer. The sultry heat still dominates during the month. At night, the temperature is higher in comparison to the previous month which causes the sweltering feeling. However, the temperature at night decreases by 3– 4in comparison to the day time. The rainfall continues increasing up to 1,200 mm. The average temperature in the day of Halong Bay time and the night time is respectively 380C and 280C. The highest temperature of Halong Bay weather in this month reaches 38– 400C. The humidity is also high with the average of 77%. This is a rainy and stormy month, therefore, travelers should carefully check the weather forecast to enjoy a smooth and convenient cruise.

What to Expect from Halong Bay Weather in July?




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Travel Tips for a tour to Halong Bay in July halong bay weather in july, best time to visit halong bay

Halong Bay weather in July information above, Halong Bay during this time of the year often undergoes occasional storms. Cruises may get cancelled in case the Halong Management Board do not issue permit for cruise to sail on that day. The average number of storm days in July in the past 5 years is 3 days.

The warm Halong Bay weather in July are great for enjoying swimming at the beach, or other water-based activities like snorkeling and kayaking. July is part of Halong Bay’s off-peak season, so visitors can expect to be among fewer tourists than usual this month. You might even be able to avail of discounts from the cruise companies.
The likelihood of your cruise being affected by bad weather is much higher at this time of year.
The hot temperatures may not be favorable for some travelers.

Tour to Halong bay in July, things to bring

The hot Halong Bay weather in July will call for light, breathable clothing only. Don’t bother packing any warm clothes, you won’t need them! Bring a swimsuit, you’ll relish the chance to cool down in the water.
Don’t forget to pack sun scream! The July sun is very hot. If you need any more packing advice for your Halong overnight cruise, send our expert Halong Bay Tours a message for all best advices. Keep an eye on the weather forecast and if it looks like you may encounter a storm then we highly advise you contact Cozy Bay Cruise and Cozy Bay Classic operator directly for confirmation that the trip will go ahead. Check halong bay weather forecast if you want to go book a halong bay overnight cruise in this time of the year or drop us a message, the tour adviser from Cozy Vietnam Travel with contact you shortly!

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