halong bay weather in January morning time

Halong Bay weather in January

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Halong Bay weather in January, What is it like?

Halong Bay weather in January is similar to the climate of other northern regions in Vietnam in this time. Halong bay weather in January can be freezing (however, January of 2015 and 2016 have actually been quite warm). The temperature ranges from 13 Celsius– 26 Celsius with average humidity between 60 and 70%. There are sunny days in this month, despite the occasional strong wind, which make your photo session of the most beautiful bay on earth a breeze. Some actually find pleasure in traveling to Halong Bay in January as it is not as hot and humid as summer time.




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Halong Bay weather in January is quite cold and misty. Because spring weather often brings rainy skies and drizzle, avoid wearing white as the streets in Vietnam can get muddy at times. The temperature in spring also drops to about 15 Celsius. Remember to pack an umbrella, comfortable shoes and warm clothes in your luggage.

Late spring is the start of the wettest season of the year in Halong Bay, with occasional drizzle and mist. While great for trees and plants, the weather does have its drawbacks for tourists.
However, Halong Bay weather in January undeniably adds to the ethereal beauty of the bay, enhancing its otherworldly beauty. Photographers, especially, will enjoying playing with the contrasts and will likely be able to capture stunning photos in spring.

Halong Bay weather in January, the perfect weather for Vietnamese traditional New Year festival.

The most important celebration for the Vietnamese people is Tet, the Lunar New Year based on the Vietnamese calendar. During this time of the year, people usually go back to their hometown to take part in family reunions.
The holiday lasts up to 10 days during which Vietnamese people spend time cleaning the home or cooking special holiday favorites. At this special time of the year, visitors can get a glimpse into Vietnamese Tet culture in the days and weeks leading up to the holiday when the cities are abuzz with people shopping, buying flowers and plants, and otherwise preparing for the most important holiday of the year.
In Halong City, you’ll be able to see this flurry of activity at the local market or at shopping malls like the Vincom Shopping Center where people will be buying new clothes to start off the new year and looking for gifts to bring home to family. But all halong bay overnight cruise in the bay still are available for you.

Halong Bay weather in January doesn’t meter  for Tet.

 Halong Bay weather in January

If you have the chance to visit a local family’s home during Tet, you may even receive a red envelope of “lucky money” yourself, and be invited to sit down and enjoy dishes made specially for Lunar New Year.
However, because of increased travel and shopping, prices can be higher during this time of the year.
Additionally, if you plan your Vietnamese holiday during the first days of Tet, you may very well find your favorite restaurant closed as the cities often shut down for the celebration.
However, because many local Vietnamese head back to their home villages and provinces, Tet is actually a great time for international tourists joining a Tour to Halong Bay to visit this place even Halong Bay  weather in January is cold and misty.

Travel tips for a tour to Halong bay in January:

January is a high tourist season in Halong Bay. Although the weather is chilly, this is a wonderful time for travelers who want to avoid the sweaty summer of Vietnam. Admiring the spectacular beauty of beautiful beaches, diverse-shaped caves, and peaceful floating villages in tranquility is the best way to enjoy a restful holiday and relive stress in daily life. Please note that some activities such as swimming or diving may not be organized if weather turns too cold. Check halong bay weather forecast if you want to go there. Or before you book a halong bay overnight cruise in this time of the year or drop us a message, the tour adviser from Cozy Vietnam Travel with contact you shortly!

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