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Nam Du archipelago is one of the attractive tourist destinations at mekong delta tours with wild beauty that attracts many visitors to visit and explore. Located 250km from Saigon City, Nam Du Island today is considered a favorite destination that any visitor wants to visit at once. So, please join us to explore Nam Du tourist destination through the following article.

Should the travel time of Nam Du island be the most beautiful?

According to the experience of traveling to Nam Du Island, the best time to visit here is the period from December to March. Because of this time, Phu Quoc sea is quite smooth and clear, so you can Easy to travel by train and enjoy beautiful views. In addition, this time is a dry season, perfect weather for you to explore Nam Du Island in vietnam tours.

Vehicles on Nam Du island

To visit and explore tourist sites in Nam Du, you have 2 options to go by train or motorbike. There are several addresses on the island for you to rent. If you cannot rent, you can go to the pier to find a fishing vessel of the people and agree on the price and location before going.


Speedboat to Nam Du Island

In case you choose a motorbike for the Nam Du island, you can go to the inns to rent motorbikes for about 150,000 – 200,000 VND/day. Almost everyone who travels in Nam Du island chooses motorbikes for sightseeing.

Where in Nam Du island?

As the number of tourists coming to Nam Du island is getting bigger and bigger, the demand for rest is also high. Currently on the island is also quite a lot of rest houses, hotels or homestay anymore. There are many young people go to there, choose to set up tents right at the beach on the island quite interesting. In which the wide sandy beach at Hon Dau is the appropriate location that many people choose with the rent of 30.000 VND /person and tent is 40.000 VND/ person.

Nam Du resorts in Kien Giang

Cay Men Beach

This is one of the beautiful and pristine beaches of the Nam Du archipelago. Guests coming here will be delighted to play under the white sandy beach, immerse in the clear blue water and enjoy an open space and freedom. For tourists who want to escape the noisy, bon of daily life, please come immediately to Cay Men beach. Definitely will not disappoint you.


Cay Men beach beauty – Nam Du

Beach Ngu

Located on the west of Cu Tron, Ngu beach is like many other beaches in Phu Quoc when covered by white sand stretching along straight rows of coconut. In addition, there are relics here that anyone who comes here must visit once, that is the “King’s well”. Legend has it that when Gia Long King came over here and let soldiers dig a fresh water well for the people here to get water for living.

Nam Du lighthouse

Located on the top of Hon LonNam Du lighthouse is considered one of the highest lighthouses in Vietnam. Because it was placed on top of the hill 308 meters above sea level. From Nam Du lighthouse, visitors will enjoy a beautiful sea view.


Lighthouse – Tourist attractions in Nam Du island

Nam Du Island is a tourist destination that many tourists choose to relaxMekong delta tours to admire the beautiful waters, especially Nam Du. We wish you a happy trip.

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