Halong bay overnight cruise

Why Halong bay overnight cruise is the best way to explore Halong Bay ?

Halong bay overnight cruise the best way to enjoy Halong Bay. Now kick start your journey by hiring a boat cruise through the bay that will let you indulge in the breathtaking vistas of islets. There are plenty of options when it comes to cruising in Halong Bay. Most cruises fall under one of the three categories: Budget Cruises, Mid-range Cruises and Luxury Cruises, with the luxury level ascending in that order. Some cruises go as far as to accommodate a 5 star resort room type on board, with diverse forms of entertainment.

Plan your Halong bay overnight cruise your way

All Halong cruises offer rewarding activities for the energetic, such as kayaking in Halong Bay. Beside that, discovering the geology, geo-morphology and biodiversity value of the bay. Suggest:  fishing trips; talking with people in fishing villages; coral diving; and cycling on islands. But you should check the halong bay weather before travelling there.
What is a better way to call it a day than sleeping on the boat at the bay.  Immersing in the majestic and mysterious, inspiring and imperious nature of the calm water, the starry sky and the grand islands.
Halong Bay is the stuff of myths and naturally the Vietnamese have concocted one. Even when you have seen numerous beautiful caves in your life. It won’t spoil to explore the distinctive nature of Halong Bay and see why it was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Reasons why you should choose Halong bay overnight cruise ?

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Amazing scenery

As a great work of nature through thousands of years, scenery at Halong can only be described by a “Wow”! If you are a nature lover Halong will definitely enchant you with its many awe striking sites, and majestic natural composition.


Looking to experience the ordinary life of a fishermen? Look no further! Here in Halong bay, you will get to see not only the magnificent view, but also a normal daily life of the locals at its purest. You will be guided by friendly and hospitable locals, who will show you to paddle your own rowing boat, cast a fishing net and fishing like a real deal!

Perfect relaxation

If you are in need of some relaxation, then cruise tours at Halong are absolutely for you! The trip could range from a few hours to spending one or two night(s) on board. With pick ing up and dropping off from Hanoi to Halong and vice versa. Ann amazing food and a knowledgeable tour guide who will assist you all through your tour to halong bay.


Halong is famous for its seafood: crabs, prawns, sea clams among strange native specialties. Let’s check out Food section to learn more about these specialties. If you stay in one of the hotels on land, make sure you visit one of our recommended restaurants in town to experience authentic Halong Bay cuisines.

Value for money

Halong Bay can be said to be one of the best places to travel in Southeast Asia, especially in terms of value-for-money. Whatever budget you spare for your trip, you will get more than what you expect. This is thanks to the low hotel costs and excellently organized cruise tours.

Unique experience of halong bay overnight cruise

Cave dinner, kayaking through the tiny tunnel, swimming on a secluded beach amidst the caves and grotto, biking past the rain forest on an island, squid fishing at night, practicing Tai Chi as you watch the sun rises over the Bay – these are just some of what a cruise trip to Halong Bay has to offer.

Itineraries of Halong Bay overnight cruise

where is bai tu long bay, Bai tu long bay vietnam

Halong Bay

This is the most popular route for a tour to halong bay, but also where you will find the most crowded areas. The water in some of the areas with more boats is oily and dirty. It will often include stops in Ti Top island and the Surprising Cave, kayaking in Halong Bay, swimming in Halong Bay

La Han Bay & Cat Ba island

Some cruise boats offers you the option of sleeping a night in a resort in Cat Ba. Good option if you wish to combine it with a stay of your own in the island for some extra nights.

Halong Bay & Bai Tu Long Bay

These itineraries combine some of the best of Halong Bay with some more remote areas in Bai Tu Long Bay. It’s more off the beaten path and usually come with a higher price tag.

Halong Bay overnight cruise activities

Visit to Pearl Farm

Rock Climbing
Visit to the floating villages
Swimming in a beach
Cave exploring
Tai Chi
Cooking classes
Squid fishing
Biking (Cat Ba)
Some cruises offer more other activities like dining in a cave or even collecting rubbish in the bay.

Things to bring on Halong Bay overnight cruise

Small backpack

Halong bay cruise packing – a small backpack. A small Backpack is all you need. The best thing for travelers is a small backpack. Instead of huge luggage pieces that take up a ton of time to search through and get what you need. A small backpack helps you quickly grab your things and sprint to the deck outside to witness breath-taking sights.

Besides, with the help of the backpack, you can bring along a few bottles of water and your camera when exploring many magnificent caves at Halong Bay.

Personal document

Things to pack for Halong Bay trip – personal document. Don’t forget your passport! Whenever traveling abroad, you must always bring along your passport just for any cases that might arise. It is the only thing that can prove who you are and where you are from.

Even with the tightest packed backpack, you have to make room for your passport because without your passport you might not be allowed to get on board your cruise ship.

Clothes for halong bay overnight cruise

What to pack for Halong Bay cruise – Clothes. Choose suitable clothes! It depends on your personal needs, but I would love to suggest that you bring one pair of clothes for a 2 day trip, or two pairs for a 3 day trip, plus one set of pajamas to sleep at night. Halong Bay cruises also provide many extra activities such as kayaking or swimming, so you should also bring along a swimming suit.

Weather is also a factor affecting your choice of clothes. If you travel in winter (from November to March), you should pack thick and warm clothes. Summer is from May to September which is suitable for swimming under clear blue skies, so you also may want to bring along some shorts, skirts or sleeveless T-shirts.


Halong Bay packing tips – footwear: comfortable and light flip flops! I would not suggest high-heels or luxurious shoes at all because you are traveling and exploring, not competing in a fashion show and this rule also applies for clothes. You should wear something simple and comfortable. You can easily find a pair of flip flops around Hanoi or Halong for just 1 or 2 USD. Flip flops and sandals are perfect for walking around onboard and a pair of sport shoes is best for visiting caves.

Water and snack

Buy water and snack on land instead of on board! You should carry a few bottles of water along as the drinking water provided on board is quite limited or in some cases there are some cruises that do not provide water (it’s insane and it usually happens with cheap cruises provided by untrustworthy local travel agents). I would not also recommend spending money on board because everything is highly overpriced. Instead, you can buy everything you need- from water to snacks- at a convenience store (like B-smart or Circle K) with a low and fixed price.

Toiletries and medical supplies

What to bring, things to pack for Halong Bay – medicine and toiletries. Bring your own medicines and toiletries!
After a whole day of exploring and playing, it is time to clean up and prepare for a beautiful night. However, many cruises do not provide shampoo or toothpaste. A few do supply but with unknown brand names. If you have ever stayed in a typical Vietnamese hotel, you must have countered a small green container of toothpaste which smell and taste really weird. Therefore, I definitely recommend packing your own toiletries for your trip. If you have sea sickness, allergies or respiratory disease but still want to witness the magnificence of Halong Bay, medical supplies are definitely what you must pack for Halong Bay cruises. You cannot easily go to a hospital while in the middle of the sea, and it would take much time to get back to the port.

It would ruin your whole trip just because you forgot to prepare a few pills at the hotel.

Electronic devices

What to pack for Halong Bay cruise ? You don’t want to miss any view! Cameras cannot be left behind if you want to capture the breathtaking sights and savour the moments of your family and friends. I would suggest that you bring a light and compact camera with a few extra batteries. Charge all your batteries so that you will not need to worry while taking great pictures of Halong Bay and its caves. You do not want to miss a good moment just because your camera is out of battery.

You can also bring your smartphone and laptop with you as most of the cruises are now equipped with WIFI. Therefore, you can easily contact with your family, friends and stream your adventure live to them.

Book or diary

What to prepare for halong bay cruise ? A book! Enjoy a good book or write down your adventure!
For travelers who just want to enjoy the scene and relax, or those taking a long 3 day 2 night trip and are afraid of being bored, reading your favorite books with a cup of tea on top of the cruise looking at the blue skies, or writing every detail about your adventure in Halong Bay down in your diary would be a very good way to immerse yourself into the experience. In conclusion of our 8 Ultimate things to pack for your luxurious Halong Bay cruise, all you really need to do is to prepare carefully and pack everything in your small bag and go experience the marvelous UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Halong bay overnight cruise
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